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Repairing Smiles with Dental Crowns in Plano

Cracked, broken, decayed, or worn teeth can be "capped" with dental crowns, restoring your natural, healthy-looking smile. Designed to fit snugly and function as normal teeth, crowns protect your teeth from further damage while preserving the correct alignment of your jaw. Depending on your specific circumstances and preferences, crowns can be made from any of several durable materials, including gold, porcelain, and ceramic. And according to the degree of restoration required, crowns can typically be designed and fitted in two steps: preparation and application.

First, Dr. Grinaldi will carefully numb your mouth and prepare the problem teeth. With care and expert judgment that comes from years of experience, we'll eliminate decay and create the proper shape and size to accommodate your crowns. Next, we'll make a precise mold or impression of your teeth and send it to a professional dental laboratory. There, the crowns will be fabricated for a custom fit. Typically, the production process requires one to two weeks, during which we'll protect your teeth and gums by fitting you with temporary crowns.

Once your crowns are ready, Dr. Grinaldi will remove the temporary crowns, then carefully fit and adjust the permanent ones into place. We'll spend time with you, carefully evaluating the crowns for appearance, color match, bite discrepancies, and accuracy of fit before finally cementing them to each of the prepared teeth. Once the crowns are applied, you'll want to conscientiously brush and floss them to protect the base from bacterial growth that leads to gum disease. And finally, you'll need to maintain good professional care of your crowns through regular dental checkups.

Choose from the latest in cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, and restorative dentistry. We also offer replacement teeth services like dental implants, dentures, and crown and bridgework. If you feel apprehensive or anxious about dental visits, you may benefit from sedation dentistry.