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Professional Teeth Whitening in Plano

If you'd like to smile more confidently, knowing your teeth are their whitest and brightest, you might consider dentist-supervised teeth whitening. Proven safe, effective, and long-lasting, professional teeth whitening can be adapted to your schedule and budget. For the fastest, brightest result, we offer Kor or Boost Whitening. As a more conservative option, we offer take-home teeth whitening, which delivers the same amazing results over a period of about two weeks.

Talk with our cosmetic dentist and team about teeth whitening, and we'll recommend the system that will best suit your needs. Teeth whitening treatments are most successful in removing yellow, brown, or orange tinges resulting from age, coffee, tea, or smoking. However, by combining methods and customizing treatments, we’ve also had success removing some intrinsic stains caused by medications or heredity.

Choose from the latest in cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, and restorative dentistry. We also offer replacement teeth services like dental implants, dentures, and crown and bridgework. If you feel apprehensive or anxious about dental visits, you may benefit from sedation dentistry.